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Medical Outsourcing & Health Care Abroad

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History of medical tourism the prices of receiving good healthcare soar, the insurance coverage becomes poor and the wait lists become longer, one is inclined to explore other avenues. If the same (and sometimes even better) quality of healthcare is available within reach then why not go for it? Hence, the birth of Medical Tourism.

Travelling for medical care is not a new phenomenon. From ancient times wealthy Europeans and Asians for decades travelled abroad for health benefits. They would travel within their continent and sometimes even to the US or European seek health related treatments.

Today, Medical Tourism in the USA   as health outsourcing gaining popularity  and recognition , this is proven by the fact that hundred of Americans visits Asia, Maxico, south America  each year to srrk high quality and yet cheap     medical treatment combined with enjoining their the destination country.

Why a patient have interest in out sourcing treatment abroad.: 

If  he   is  healthy enough to travel,   he stand to benefit from medical tourism's offerings. While anyone who is a prospective patient, may fall into one of the following four categories:

1. Medical Tourism for Elective surgery
A large number of medical tourists seek out elective procedures such as cosmetic, plastic, dental and wellness treatments that are not covered by insurance plans.

2. Medical Tourism for Underinsured
As insurers cut back on their coverage and insurance costs skyrocket, more and more individuals find themselves 'underinsured' the current figure rising to about 16 million Americans. High deductibles, co-payments, out-of-pocket expenses, wait-lists and limited physician choices force many patients to seek out alternative treatments. Others find that the care they need is not covered under their catastrophic insurance plans. 

3. Medical Tourism for Uninsured: 16% of the Americans are uninsured these individuals of which many are self employed  frequently find themselves dipping into their hard earned savings  to finance their medical care.  These medical expenses leads them to bankruptcy.  A Harverd study find out that  one of the main cause of bankruptcy  are costly medical expenses in USA.  Therefore outsourcing of medical treatment gaining popularity among uninsured patients.

4.Medical Tourism for Others:

There are  some cases, even for insured people, the cost of treatment overseas is less than their out-of-pocket amount in the  USA, If you are a Baby Boomer you do not yet qualify for Medicare or Medicaid for your urgently needed surgery. For others who have lost their group coverage due to retirement, the surgery or procedure they need may not be covered under the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits. Under such circumstances, medical tourism is the most viable option.

What’s is there for you?

  • Savings
    You are not well and the medical treatment is necessary. Your medical insurance is not going to cover much and you will have to pay out of your savings. You know that the surgery will leave you with nothing to pay for your home loan or your car loan or even your utility bills and that you will have to start everything over again. Would you not rather go to another country where you can get the same high-quality care for a fraction of the cost?

    The primary motivation behind Medical Tourism is undoubtedly savings. And not just savings - incredible savings, let us say! Compare a $7,000 hip resurfacing in India with a $ 48000 in USA. That is more than the 8)% savings even after you have paid for travel

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